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Project - Hey Mom...*

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Project - Hey Mom...*
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Project - Hey Mom...*
by Julie Ann Shahin
posted 08/31/08 at 11:18 AM
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Dear Reid,<br>
When I decided I'd like to have sleepovers this<br>
summer with you at our home once a week, it<br>
was because I’ve always had a special connection<br>
with you. I came into this family when the nieces<br>
and nephews were coming out of childhood, and<br>
before I knew it they were teenagers. Teenagers<br>
prefer not to hang around adults like me. But I’ve<br>
known you since Day 1 of your life. You are<br>
sometimes like my little shadow. I am one of the<br>
only adults that will get down on your level and<br>
play with you. You are still young enough to eat<br>
up all the adult attention you can get, being the<br>
youngest with everyone else much older than you.<br>
I could never say that I favor one of you kids over<br>
the others because there is equal love in my heart<br>
for you all. It is a fact, though, that you let me into<br>
your world unlike the other kids in our family.<br>
Sometimes you slip and call me “Mom� and sometimes<br>
you call Uncle David “Dad� but you always catch<br>
yourself. It’s amazing that even your mother tells<br>
you I am like a second or third mother to you<br>
(after Grandma), and she thinks it is a good thing<br>
for you to feel comfortable enough to slip and call<br>
me “Mom.� I like being your Aunt. I like showing<br>
you the world through my eyes, and being a confidant<br>
that maybe I wouldn’t be if I was your mother. I am honored<br>
to be able to have an influence over your development and<br>
to have your adoration but you also have my adoration.<br>
You have better recall & memory than anyone I<br>
know, you are utterly unique. You bring more joy and<br>
love into my world than what I already have, and when<br>
I was already content as can be. I am the luckiest<br>
Aunt in the world!<br><br>

Thank you Reid!<br>
August 2008
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