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Project - Mexico-2007-Part 1

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This is a great way to showcase your travels!! I may have to give this a try for one of our Disney trips. Thanks for posting this!!

Project - Mexico-2007-Part 1
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Project - Mexico-2007-Part 1
by countrycritter
posted 09/12/09 at 03:01 PM
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This is a work in progress. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. I started out doing a 12x12, then decided to do a 6-up. Page 2- was one of the pages I had already finished so I just cut it into six 4x6 photos. Page 5 is a 6x6 page. Page 6 is the 6x6 incorporated in the book. Page 7 is the backside of the 6x6. Page 10 is an 8x8 incorporated in. Pages 11 & 12 are both sides of the 8x8. Page 16 is a sample block of journaling that I did for each day we were there. Page 20 I journaled directly on the pic of the water.

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