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Project - a colorful christmas // misted tags



SOOOOO pretty!

these are really great!

awesome i love the colors too

Project - a colorful christmas // misted tags
About this project

Project - a colorful christmas // misted tags
by gluestickgirl
posted 12/09/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Packaging

hi peas! i'm here today with a project for the colorful christmas event. i've got some tips for dressing up ordinary shipping tags (i get mine at the office supply store) with misting + masking. you could use these tags on your gifts, on a card, or even in your december daily. all of these masking tricks would work well on scrapbook pages as well.

1. these are the three tags we'll be misting - each with a different technique.

2. i started this project by gathering mist in my color scheme - silver/gray, aqua & green. i added mister huey's shine for a little sparkle as well. before i start with the masking techniques, i wanted to share some general tips for using mist.
  • i recommend using an old shipping box (the ones from 2peas are perfect, just cut off the flaps!) for your misting stations. the sides will keep the rest of your work area from getting misted.
  • add a piece of chipboard or some old newspaper to the bottom of your box - it will soak up the overspray
  • PRACTICE! so many people tell me that they just can't get mists to do what they want. it's *so* much easier to know how mist works if you just play with it. spray it close. spray it from far away. try mixing colors. i find that every bottle of mist that i own has it's own quirks - get to know them.
  • for a good even coverage, i recommend holding the mist bottle about 6inches away from your paper. spray it once or twice and then check the coverage, and add a little more if it isn't as heavy as you'd like.

3. for my first tag, i used a premade mask. this one is by studio calico and is made of a thick plastic. it's clear when you buy it, but (ahem), if you're lazy about cleaning it, it will get stained. ;) these types of masks are usually heavy enough that you can simply set them onto your project without any adhesive. spray your mist over it and then carefully remove the mask.

4. i also like to use stickers as masks. pretty much any kind of sticker will work for this, from plain stickers to chipboard. i do stick them to my jeans first, to take off a little of the stickiness - you need to be able to get them back OFF afterwards! i misted this tag with gray and then added another layer of mister huey's shine.

5. another fun masking technique is to use the negative from a die cut. i used my cameo to cut a large ampersand and then used the negative to mist the shape onto my tag. a small piece of cardstock like this can sometimes curl up a bit when you mist it, so i used temporary adhesive to stick the mask to the chipboard in my mist box so it couldn't go anywhere. i used a light aqua mist for this tag.

6. here's a look at my three tags once they were misted.

7. i added chipboard letters and paper scraps to this tag.

8. to finish this tag, i added a typed sentiment, some patterned paper, and buttons.

9. i cut slits along the ampersand to add banners with words typed on them, and then added some washi tape and punched stars.

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