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Project - one day



You totally amaze me. Wowza... such inspiration.

ummm... OMG!!!!!!! i'm OBSESSED with this! i love your work, but this is awesome! i went thru it twice and then showed my coworker twice.... ahhaha love it! thanks for all the inspiration.

so much fun! i love all the fun details!

Enchanting, truly! :)

I am in love with your book!!!!

Project - one day
About this project

Project - one day
by gluestickgirl
posted 03/12/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

on february 8th, i joined in with ali edwards and many other scrappers to photograph a day in the life. once i had all these photos, i went back and forth on what to do with them. i considered printing them as a collage and popping them into my project life book and calling it good…. but in the end, i wanted them to be something of their own. plus, i have all these super cute amy tangerine daybooks and figured i should USE one. ;)

i started by printing all of my images at 2x2in. this size gave me plenty of room for embellishments and journaling, and printing them all the same size really streamlined the process. from there, i arranged them in order and went through the book adding sticky notes to mark what photo would go where. i did end up gluing a couple of sets of pages together just to make the number of pages fit with what i had photo wise.

for the cover, i stitched down the transparency and filled it with confetti, then added the patterned paper, thickers and embellishments over the top. the ribbon is stitched in place on the back of the book - it ended up being FAR too bulky to stay shut on its own!

the first and last pages have word files cut with my cameo - the “a day in the life” was a free file from ali edwards' blog, and the good night sleep tight was done with 2 free fonts - pacifico and bebas. for both, i layered the words over dear lizzy cloud vellum, then stitched them over a transparency to create a pocket for confetti. i then taped / stitched the whole thing in place on the pages of the book.

i planned my pages two at a time - working on the front and back of each individual page at the same time. this let me plan out where i could stitch / staple without detracting from the design on the other side.

i used some jenni bowlin chipboard numbers throughout the book - they were perfect for noting the times. i used a LOT of tags and washi for this, as well as a handful of embellishments. i basically pulled together a little kit of items that coordinated and sat on the living room floor and got to work.

i have to admit that i just about ran out of steam with about 6 pages left to go.. but i am SO glad that i pushed through and got it done. =)
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