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what an amazing project!! loved looking through your gallery :)

Thanks, Lisa! I played around and I did it:) I love the turquoise and gray combo. I also loved the cards you made on your blog using some erica hernandez stuff and "marcy penner" style. Love the see your work, thanks!

hi amanda! i used this digi card set :

the cards are layers, so i grouped a digi paper to the bracket layer - you just put the paper layer above the shape and hit (i THINK) ctrl-alt-g.

This is beautiful! I'm wondering about the journaling card in #8 with the bracket... did you create that yourself by changing using a different digi paper inside the bracket? I really like that journaling card. Thanks!

I love getting other voices in my scrapbooks! Project life is a great way to get my family's perspective and handwriting.

you are doing such a great job with this series, Lisa!

Love this!

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