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Project - PL 2013 week 10 // studio calico spencer's kit



I totally agree about PicTapGo - I can see a difference in my weeks, too. And I'm really liking the white borders. I may have to try that.

Wow! Great PL spread!!

Project - PL 2013 week 10 // studio calico spencer's kit
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Project - PL 2013 week 10 // studio calico spencer's kit
by gluestickgirl
posted 04/15/13 at 04:56 PM
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week 10 // march 2-8 : i tried to stick with most the spencer's PL kit + the latte PL addon + the today noted stamp set here, but a bit of paper from the main and some of the rainbow washi from front porch blend found their way in - i am weak when it comes to patterned paper and pretty colors! the today noted stamp set has a lot of phrases and shapes that can be mixed together - i love the fun label-y shape + little words (see the “right here” stamped on the photo. i also love the “in one word” with the arrows - it's a great way to sum something up!

i am definitely seeing a change in how my weeks look since i started using the pictapgo app to edit and preserving the rectangle instead of cropping into the instagram square. as a bonus, both printing and putting this week together went WAY faster, and i'm digging how it all looks! i also am making more of an effort to set aside fun bits of packaging and the like - this week i had the eat envelope, the TJs pb&j bar package and a fun target gift card (i just asked for it back after they spent the $$ on it!).

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