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Project - 2012 : captured // may guest

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Love your work, Lisa and reading all your thoughts/process! Thanks for guesting this month! :)

Project - 2012 : captured // may guest
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Project - 2012 : captured // may guest
by lisaday
posted 05/15/12 at 09:27 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I was so excited to see that stickers are the focus for this months class. I love using stickers on my PL pages because I can add so much without adding bulk. I love stickers that add something to the story. Stickers like I used on my week layout here…days of the week, words, alphabets for the titles, etc. I also love ones that are decorative to help each section feel like it's own, yet a part of the whole. Stickers like the flags and border stickers, etc.

The majority of my PL pictures come from my iPhone. I take pictures pretty much daily, but not all day long. I only take pictures of things I really want to remember. For things such as sporting events I take a ton of pictures, but I only use a few from each for PL. I use the ones that capture the whole of the event.

I have smart filters setup in Aperture so all my pictures from any camera are organized by week. This helps me keep up on which photo's I have from the week when I'm putting my layout together.

I love printing a grid of photo's from one event onto one 4x6 piece of photo paper and then adding my title and extra stickers right on top!

Make sure to check out the class, etc here []
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