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Project - Focus on Photos - PHOTOS



I like that you used a Lg photo

Love the watercolor effect and the great large photo

Wow - what clustering goodness!

Stunning and gorgeous.

OK this page is AMAZING!! I love the yellow washed you added! So cool!

I sooo love your watercolor/misting!!!

Project - Focus on Photos - PHOTOS
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Garden Girl

Project - Focus on Photos - PHOTOS
by Celine Navarro
posted 05/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Altered Projects

Photos are the most important thing on our layouts. It tells our story, the ones we love, our everyday lives. Whether you like to scrapbook a lot of small pictures or a 8,5x11 print, photos are the KEY to your story.
I have a thing for BIG photos. Maybe because I've studied photography in school and used to print my own in our school photo lab. I like the beauty of a big picture, whether it's a color or b&w shot.
When I saw what our next theme was, I knew I wanted to : 1) print a big photo (this one is A4 size); 2) alter it!
I simply layered a tiny bit of gesso on two opposite corners of my photo (left upper corner & right lower corner) and let it dry - NO heat gun at this point! The heat might damage your photo paper!
Once the gesso is dry, I used Mr Huey mists and water to create that watercolor effect.
Add colorful embellishments here and there, create an atmosphere around your photo - don't be scared to actually embellish the photo ITSELF!
Create some kind of a frame around your picture - the gesso/mists/embellishments will do the work!
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