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Project - USA

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I like how you did the colorization to highlight him in the photo. And how great that he was good enough to be on the national team.

Project - USA
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Project - USA
by beehive50
posted 07/04/10 at 01:59 PM
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What with the World Cup going on and the ensuing national pride for everyone the world over and it being the 4th of July for us Americans… I was reminded of this layout which I had started… don't laugh… back during the Winter Olympics! Again… that national pride thing. Soooooooo, this morning, I decided it was time to post it. *grin* |

Yes, this is my brother and, yes, he's 10,000 feet off the ground! And, yes, he represented our beautiful country years ago. Yes, he really is deaf, too. And, yep… I love and admire him so very much! |

JOURNALING: It still amazes me (and makes me SO proud) to think that Brian played for the U.S. National team… the NATIONAL team! Look at it… USA on their jerseys! Following a fantastic college career at Pepperdine where he was a two-time All-American (’78, ‘79), he played in the World University Games and on Olympic Festival and Jr. National teams. Brian was on the ‘8O and ’84 Olympic team roster, but sadly the U.S. didn’t qualify those years. But, still… what an incredible honor. Oh, did I mention he’s deaf? Like, wow. |

ALL SUPPLIES FROM DESIGNER DIGITALS–KATIE PERTIET: Naturally Krafty No. 08 Paper Pack, Found Alphabet No. 01 (“USA”), Wax Seal Alphabet No. 01 (“B”), Assorted Tapes No. 04 | ANNA ASPNES: Skribble ArtStrokes No. 01 BrushSet | MICHELLE MARTIN: Caesilia Paper Pack (clipped to brackets), Frog Prince Kit (crown) | PATTIE KNOX: DIY Chipboard: Great Big Brackets | ALI EDWARDS: The Story: Days and Months Large Label Tape Value Pack (arrow label) | ART WAREHOUSE: Volleyball Collection (used ‘Bevel Mode’ on PSE to make the ball ‘sticker’ into a brad!) | Thanks for looking! Debi

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