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Project - Halloween

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Wow! That first one is amazing.

these are cool. i hope you put the 1st on a christmas card

Especially love the first one. So cute.

The first one I just kept adding textures, using dodge and burn and eraser on each layer. The other two were photos that I took years ago and I just bought hallows eve from I extracted the girls on each photo and added all the embellishments. It's easy and soooo much fun. Not really into halloween, but I liked the look.

Please tell me what this technique is called or if there is a link I can go to and learn how to do it. It is beautiful.

Wow. That first picture should win prizes. It is fab.

Project - Halloween
About this project

Project - Halloween
by eyepea
posted 10/24/09 at 11:39 PM
Galleries: Photography

Thought these were fun. Not great in the photo department, but fun non the less.

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