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Project - Daniel's Nursery Rhyme Challenge



Fantastic job! You did great at illustrating your tale! Love all the stamping. I think this would be a good miss you or card for someone who's moved. TFS :-)

Great illustration of the rhyme.

This is so cute! I love the scene you created! The sky is cool! And I really like the ladybugs! I doesn't look to me like a child did it.

Good job!! TFS!

You did a wonderful job with this challenge! Love the ladybugs!

You 'done' GREAT, Ann! Both your rhyme choice & execution are wonderful. Childlike, but not childish.

This is one of the first rhymes I remember my mother teaching me as a very small child...

Ladybug, ladybug fly away home.
Your house is on fire & your children will burn,
All but the littlest, her name is Nan.
She hid under the frying pan.

Great job with this challenge. I like the scene and it definitely goes with the rhyme!

Project - Daniel's Nursery Rhyme Challenge
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Project - Daniel's Nursery Rhyme Challenge
by lickeyan
posted 05/27/13 at 07:56 AM
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Title: Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home,(go home and protect you children).

This is a very simplistic card, almost looks to me after I completed it to be a card by a child. However, I wanted to do this challenge and needed somewhere to start. I may enter another card later this week.

It is all stamp and ink. The neighbor grouping of building is from stash (no company name) and the lady bug again no company name from stash. I love lady bugs. Also used my grass stamp. I then put in the cloudy sky effect with swirls of baby blue ink. I couldn't but the fire in - as I would rather interrupted the nursery rhyme as go to protect your children.

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