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Project - go. see. do.

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Project - go. see. do.
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Project - go. see. do.
by MoniL
posted 07/20/13 at 06:32 PM
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A layout about my daughter having to wear glasses and my feelings about it. I thought the viewfinder icons sorta fit the theme and I've been trying to find a place to use that pp as well as one of the 2p's digi cuts I recently purchased. I knew I wanted to work in purple with the color scheme but soon realized I have hardly any purple supplies. Originally I was only going to go with a cool color scheme but felt like something was missing. I added in the bits of pink to tie in with the pink flower on my dd's shirt. I rearranged most of my embellishments by color last weekend so I was able to use quiet a few items on this page that I would have overlooked otherwise.
I made an effort to use lots of stamping on this layout. Some I think turned out good but others (like the “love this” circle done with a big brush pen) not so much. I pretty much always use my embellishments to build a visual triangle and this was no exception. I also kept balance in mind and used the large amount of white space on my bottom third to balance everything going on the top. tfl!
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