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Project - My Scrapbook Room



This is a gorgeous room looks neat and tidy just like mine only yours is about five times the size LOL TFS.

Wow..that is a beautiful room. Color is very sootheing and I LOVE the title on the wall!! How did u make that??

Love your room and love the quote. I have transformed my dining room into my craft room and this quote would be perfect. What font did you use for the word "scrapbooking"?

TIA, now go breathe, lol

Nice space - you the Scrapbooking quote.

Um, hello, Martha!

Seriously, it's beautiful!

To answer a few questions....

The shelf is from ikea! And when i went threw my room I gave away alot of old paper, stickers, rub-ons, just alot of stuff that I've had sitting around for more then a year, I know for myself if it's been sitting around that long then I won't use it!

Thanks for all the kind comments!!

Project - My Scrapbook Room
About this project

Project - My Scrapbook Room
by galagirl
posted 03/11/09 at 12:19 PM
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I recently went through my room and gave away alot of supplies that I will never use and did alittle bit of reorganizing.
My hubby built me the desk for mothers days a few years back. I store all my paper and other albums in the closet, which I didnt take a pic of!
Thanks for letting me share!

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