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Project - WHY?

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Project - WHY?
About this project

Project - WHY?
by GinaMiller
posted 05/23/11 at 08:32 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

“Pockets No. 2” by Valorie Wibbens and Lauren Reid.
“Chubby Paper Alphas” and “Kraft Warehouse” (releasing 5.24) by Gina Miller.
“My Happiness” by Krista Sahlin.
Fonts are Impact and Prophecy Script.

- journaling -

The amount of times you ask me “Why?” lately cannot be accurately measured. Nearly everything I say gets a “Why?” in return. Here’s a typical run-down of what you and I will talk about in any given day. “Grace put your shoes on.” “Why? Why do I wear shoes?” “Grace, lets go get the kids from the bus.” “Why?” “Grace please pickup your clothes from the floor.” “Why I gotta pick them up?” “Grace let me do your seatbelt.” “Why?” “Grace, we’re going to be stopping at the bank first.” “Why?” Because I said so. You love to ask why I am doing something I have planned, why we are eating certain foods, why I think it should be bedtime & why babies take naps. You'll even ask me why I am driving a certain direction on the road… You’re such a talkative, funny little firecracker!

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