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Project - Twelve Things



This is a great idea!!! Love it!! THanks for sharing!

Love this!

Cool page idea...and how fun to get to know you better. I enjoy seeing what you do with colored accents on a white page...they are always so pretty. :)

how fun!! loved learning more about you!

Great layout!

what sara said

Project - Twelve Things
About this project

Project - Twelve Things
by hyperstarre
posted 08/30/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I LOVEEEEE these Sassafras Whimsies number cards!! Like, really love them! :) So when I got them, I knew I had to use all 12 on a layout, and I ended up going with a “12 things everyone should know about me” type of theme. I tried to make all 12 fit on a single page, but I didn't like what I got, so I went with two 8.5x11 pages. I laid them out in two rows, and added my journaling using various label stickers (the 7 gypsies 97% complete labels were the perfect size for this), and embellished some of the cards a bit further with random toher bits and pieces (like the Jenni Bowlin butterfly stickers). I added strips to the bottom of the page, added my photos, matting it with a flower whimsy, and added my title along the bottom as well. I added a banner in the top left corner to balance out the photo cluster on the bottom right. This page was super fun to do!!

In case you can't see the journaling:
1. My Japanese gets worse and worse as I live longer here.
2. I can't function without coffee.
3. I am dying to go back to Japan and New York City.
4. I'm a klutz…I'm constantly tripping, running into things, falling into ponds…
5. I talk about food - a LOT!
6. I love the Office, Dexter, 30 Rock, How I met Your Mother, and Gossip Girl…
7. I'm kinda hooked on Twitter.
8. I love San Francisco, but I hate the fog.
9. I've been called an “energized shutter bunny”
10. My last name is pronounced ilke “EKG.”
11. I like playing iwth paper & glue.
12. I'm an only child. James says I'm spoiled. I disagree.
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