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Project - Our 4x8 for 2008

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Thanks everyone! I created two more cards, swapping out the brown and green (so it's green background) and changing the title to "Happy Holidays" and then switched to a blue background w/white brown for "Happy Hanukkah!".

And for all of them, I went without the outline on the title afterall.

Beautiful! They are both pretty but my preference is the one without the outline. I like the bolder simpler statement it makes. Sorry! I know the other peas liked the other one... Either way, at least you know you can't go wrong! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/thumbup2.gif'>

They look wonderful!
Here's a question for you...
Where do you get them printed? I tried to do a 4x8 once, and couldn't find anywhere that had that size that were blank ones that I could do, only pre-made ones that you plopped your picture into.

I like the outlined one better. Cute kids!

Love them both! I think I like the outlining around Merry Christmas better though! But what a great job!!

Project - Our 4x8 for 2008
About this project

Project - Our 4x8 for 2008
by WingNut
posted 12/07/08 at 11:15 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For several years now, I make a folding card and a 4x8 card. This year, I used the MPIX templates for our folding cards. And this is my own creation for our 4x8. The colors are similar to the MPIX cards I had made. Love to hear any feedback…I won't be ordering for a day or two. Oh and the reason there is two versions that look the same? There is very subtle outlining of the words “Merry Christmas”
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