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6  Comments - Troncones, Mexico travel memorabilia page

I love all about this page! The colors, the details, and that rosette is gorgeous! and the flag is so fun! Great way to preserve the memorabilia! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

What a fun layout!! I love all the pockets of your memorabilia! This is a great idea.

Oh this is so fun!! I love the pockets and little flag, the "Polaroid" photo and the whimsical feel of this!! Super!

Very cute page! And so useful! What a great way to save the memoralbilia! You are so creative! Love this! May have to lift this someday! Into my BOS!

What a great idea. I always think I'll save them and then they seem to get lost. Love the way the page is divided by banners. Very pretty, and I love the tiny bits of bling.

what a great way to save and house all the special docs from your trip. very neat! great job on this page.

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