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Project - If I could.... Journaling challenge

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Project - If I could.... Journaling challenge
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Project - If I could.... Journaling challenge
by jomi
posted 04/25/10 at 12:59 PM
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Journaling reads: (it's long : )
If there's something I would have done different it's defenitely work related. I have had a few nice jobs and learned a lot.
But I do think I made those decisions based on common sence instead of following my feelings. Most of the times I made them out of insecurity, not daring to take the big jump.
Would I have done this, I think I would have more balance between work and wanting to be there for the boys.
I really would have loved to get a career as a graphic designer and even started a course to get my degree. But I never finished it, because I didn't dare to make the step and quit my job. I was very straight at the time: it was either the job or quitting it, no inbetweens.

But slowly I discover I don't have to make a choice yet. I can make the first step into something new, start a course to take the path I want to follow.
The last 2 years have been challenging to say the least and I want to do something with my experience and decided to start an education to become a Life Coach; to follow my feeling without any pressure in my own time and pace.
With my current job I can't take a decision before Hans gets a job, but once he has one; I'll take a serious look on what I want and what I need to do to achieve that. I am going to follow my feelings there as well, so I am a more balanced person and can get rid of the feeling of not being there enough for the kids.

Journalinmg challenge from The Digi Chick

Viva Artistry's Altered Stoked, stitching by Anja ( Love the music) and wordart by Jen Wilson

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