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Project - Howdy stranger, yonder is my Scrapbook Hole.

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Yes, please do tell the furniture info! I have been looking for furniture like this for quite a while with no luck.

Your scraproom is beautiful!!!

Peaceful, Beautiful, Inspiring......Simply put...Perfect! I love your room!

Your space is beautiful! Please share the furniture details with us, like store or brand, for both the cabinet and the desk.

Wow! I say different is definately good in this case. A few question from one who is also trying to put a room together. The cabinets in 6 (top) and 7 (sitting on another cabinet), are those IKEA? If not, what are they? How do you like them so far? Large enough to fit supplies easily?
Thanks! Enjoy your beautiful room!

so classy! thanks for sharing

I really like your space. I think it is great, that it does not look like a scrapbook space, but yet it is. I have a three year old and I have to keep everything hidden, so she does not get into it.

Project - Howdy stranger, yonder is my Scrapbook Hole.
About this project

Project - Howdy stranger, yonder is my Scrapbook Hole.
by hope4pea-ce
posted 06/12/06 at 12:59 PM
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After 3 1/2 years of paper crafting amongst the dreary basement cement block walls, I have a space to call my own. Although a bit atypical than many rooms, it suits me well and I spend many hours here. Inspiration received from many fellow Peas (a special thank you to those who have shared their spaces — from lavish luxury to little nooks), my loving and talented DH, and a personal passion for Jackson Hole. Thanks for looking.

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