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Project - Going, Going, Gone



What a proud mamma you are! And truly you should be, you are raising a child to see that sacrificially helping others is valuable. Kudos to you. And this layout? PERFECT.

Glad he was able to grow his hair out for such a great cause.


Lori, that is one special kid you have there!

This is amazing!!! What a great heart he has. Beautifully scrapped.

So glad you scrapped this. Such a wonderful thing to do. My granddaughters have done this and the self esteem they gain from helping is worth way more than hair. What a beauty!

This is such a great LO. I love the pics (he has *gorgeous* hair!) I love the time line strip, the journaling...all of it. What a special thing he did, too!!

Project - Going, Going, Gone
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Project - Going, Going, Gone
by tyme2scrap
posted 11/13/12 at 09:32 AM
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BG POTM kit from 2011 (Oxford)

Journaling: Owen, I have never been so proud of you!I was proud of you when you ate your first solid food, said your first word and took your first step. I was proud of you on your first day of school. Those were different though, those were moments that every child has, it is human nature, instinct. Choosing at age 7 that you wanted to grow your hair and cut it off for Cancer is different. It shows what a good person you are becoming. that you are willing to do something so important for someone you have never met, that makes me the PROUDEST mom in the whole world! I love you and your giving heart!

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