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Project - Cricut quote



I used the Jasmine cartridge and the Cricut Design Studio. I just arranged the quote on the mat on the Design Studio and cut out the phrase with in colored vinyl. You can find some colors in your scrapbooking section at Wal-mart or order lots of other colors from with rather cheap shipping. After your cut the letters out (you can do them individually or the Design Studio allows you to weld words together) and remove them from the Cricut mat you arrange the phrase on transfer tape. The directions for how to do this are on the transfer tape and the vinyl packages. Just takes a steady hand and a ruler. Put the transfer tape on the walls the way you want the quote and voila! Good Luck!

Looks fantastic...Just wondering what Cricut Cartridge did you use?

Love, love, love it!

That's beautiful! Great job!

that is so pretty! great quote!

This is beautiful.

Would you mind sharing how you did this? I have a wall I was looking at some word art for and am interested in how you did this with the cricut. THANKS!

Project - Cricut quote
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Project - Cricut quote
by scrap_peas_artist
posted 11/19/09 at 01:47 PM
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I saw the Cricut infomercial and thought I would try it. I think it worked and I love the quote. This is on the 10 foot wall you see as you walk into my living room.

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