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Monica, I was trolling the gallery trying to find ideas I came across your album and it is absolutely precious!!! I LOVE it! I hope you are doing one this year-I would love to see what you're doing. Great job!

When I saw your cover, and your name, I had to take a peek. The cover of my December Daily is similar. Great job! So far, I just have my pages covered, nothing fancy. I've been embellishing as I go. This is my first year with the project and I'm enjoying it...keeping a blog and taking and printing photos regularly so I can catch up on putting my book together after the holidays. It's inspiring to look at everyone's work here.

Monica I love this!

LOVE it!!!!!

All I can say is AWESOME and I am totally loving it!

Wow, Monica! This is fantastic!

Wow, Monica - way to go!!

I love it! You've given me inspiration for mine. Great job!

This is fabulous. Love the mix of paper and things that you used in it. What a great thing to treasure for a lifetime.

Wow, no wonder you're proud...what a great project! Love the combo of papers.

Monica I love this, I know now I HAVE to do it, I'm bosing yours for inspiration. Gorgeous pps.

Monica, I am amazed by the amount of work you have put into this. What a great album this is. I hope you repost it when you finish it. Great job on this. Congrats!

Monica, this is awesome! You did a fabulous job combining products. THis is something you will really treasure for a long time.

love it!

Congrats on getting it done.
Happy Thanksgiving

Oh Monica this is awesome. Great job using your stash and since this looks so good without the info in it I can only imagine how it will look when you're finished. How helpful it will be too. Really great job.


I *love* this, Monica! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see it completed.

This is such a beautiful project Monica. You'll be so glad you did it, I love mine from last year, my girls were just flipping through it yesterday. The products & colors that you choose look awesome together, fabulous job on this!

I agree with Tammy! Sell these! I admire you taking the time to do it. I have no patience or design savy for something like this! Yours is wonderful!

You should be proud of it! I love how each page is unique, but it flows so well. You could totally make these to selL!

love how different all of your pages and numbers are!

I love it. You want to make me one now??? Yes, I This is such a great thing to have. TFS!!! Straight into my BOS!!!


Looks gorgeous, Monica! Way to go! :)

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