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Great way to combine all the challenges! Love the album!

very, very cool mini album, Monica! What a great wya to showcase your fave memories from that year. love it.

love it!!!!

Pretty much your mini. I liked the Page The Guys, because it has one of the guys with the flag of Brazil on the shirt, my country.

Monica, this is an amazing album. What a fun way to use lots of photos and have them all collected together. Fabulous job.

Wow Monica
such good ideas : the mini album ! but also combining all the challenges in it, and the memories !!
love the cover and back of the mini !

well done Monica looks like you've been busy!

Very cool mini book. Love how you made all the pages different. TFS

This is gorgeous! Well done, Monica!

What a brilliant idea! And very well executed. How on earth did you get all the challenges incorporated? Brilliant!

Oh, this is awesome. Not only did you take out all of the challenge in one fell swoop, but you rocked each one! I love the collection of photos. The farmer's market page is making me hungry. :)

Love this!! There are so many wonderful things about this album and I love all of the fun memories!!

I could say something about each page I think! I love all the little details and stitching and how each page is so different. It looks really great!

AWESOME!!! I absolutely love this mini.

Awesome album, totally impressed that you thought to do so many challenges all in the same book and make it looks so good!


I love your album and I love to see completed albums with pictures!! TFS, Shelly

Very nice Monica! Great pictures and fun bright colors.

I love how you celebrated your favorite pictures in one condensed place. What a great album! Love all the sewing, buttons, an little details you put into each page! of course seattle shennanigans is my favorite ;)

Look at how creative you are...not only did you finish a mini-book but you got all the CHA challenges included, now that's planning! Well done.

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