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Project - **Updated ScrapRoom**



It looked great this way too!

Wow you're so lucky! love how you organized all of them!TFS!

I love how you have everything organized - so pretty! I enjoyed looking at your room. TFS!!

i love your room! when we do an addition on our house, we have a planned room for my office. i'd already drawn it out when i saw your room, and i also had a big center island, and a couch on the wall, and desks opposite. it was like you reached in my head! very very nice!

Your room ROCKS!!!

When is your next scrapping party? I'm on my way. lol


Project - **Updated ScrapRoom**
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Project - **Updated ScrapRoom**
by vintagewhimsy
posted 09/20/05 at 11:40 AM
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Here is my updated scraproom… used to be red and 1/2 od it was a playroom so it matched the living room…but…I love the color pink si I decided to re-do it after getting a job w/ lil davis as a designer so I took over the whole room …he built the center island so I can stand at it w/ all the storage…and my stamp shelve…I LOVE IT….:) Thanx so much for looking
**now that I know the order of the pics…I will tell what they are..
1. the whole room 17x20 2. That is the cabinet w/ all my lil davis stuff all organized 3. just a shelve w/ more lil davis stuff and books my tissue paper collection and tags 4. those are my two is for stuff the other one is my working desk for my lap top and such 5. the other shelve holds all my flowers and ribbons 6. ribbon holder on a slack rack it works really well 8. just one side of the island this side stores all my fabrics 9. the long side w/ all the storage everything is organized my theme and manufactuer 11. stamp shelf made out of metal roofing works really well because it has a lip on it 12. just more storage like stamp sets and inks foam stamps and anthing else that has to do w/ stamping 13. amorie that holds all my paper scraps 19. must have pink m&m's in a pink room :) thanx again for looking

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