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Project - Letters from the Front



Sharon, I had no idea you had a pub of your Veteran's Day LO also. Congrats! This is a great piece of history you have recorded here also. Love the background of envelopes and all of the memorabilia you have preserved!

This is just so meaningful...WOW! I love all the memorabilia on here, Sharon! Awesome job!

Sharon, what a special piece of family history you've just scrapped. Having those letters, and photos, is such a treasure. I'm sure your descendants will be glad you took the time to preserve them. TFS.

This is wonderful, Sharon. As always, your journalling is impressive. I was also intrigued by the photo of the trench art. I also did a 4 page layout with my grandfather's ww1 postcards and photos. My dad says that my grandpa very rarely talked about his experiences in France and the war. It seems to be common for that war. I shudder to think of what it must have been like for a farm boy so far from home in the infantry. I still have my other grandfather's ww1 navy photos to do. I'm running on..... Keep up the good work!

Oh, this just blew me away. Congratulations on getting one of your Veteran's Day LOs on It is so wonderful that you're preserving your family history is such a fabulous way. I just love those letters. I have some postcards but no letters. I sure wish I did - they're amazing treasures that give us a little glimpse into our ancestors' lives. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pages.

What a wonderful written history you have done. What a treasure you have, having the written letters. So well done.


Project - Letters from the Front
About this project

Project - Letters from the Front
by sharon9400
posted 01/22/10 at 03:56 PM
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I don't do many 4-page LOs but wanted to do so to include memorabilia saved for many years along with photos of my maternal grandmother's brother. Journalling: (shortened) Grammy’s brother Charles served during WW I in the 26th Balloon Company, a part of the U.S. Army’s Signal Corps in the American Expeditionary Force. Charles, 2 years younger than Grammy, was one of 3 of her brothers who served during The Great War but the only one to serve in Europe. She saved several letters which he sent from France and Germany – some after the Armistice… He didn't write much about the war… He wrote about how long he’d been there – 7 months in France in one letter. He talked of how good the Red Cross nurses were to them. He wrote about drinking hot chocolate and how it reminded him of when Grammy made it for him years ago… wrote of meeting fellows he’d known back home in Kansas and one who’d even had some dental work done by Granddaddy – snatches of home in that faraway land…he said, “This is a lonesome place. I get kind of homesick sometimes but it doesn’t pay to feel too blue.” Something else saved over the years is a picture postcard of returning doughboys and one of Charles and a dog he called Mikey. … He also sent artillery shell vases to Grammy and at least one other sister and brother. Ours has these ridges around the bottom, is dated 1918 and is embossed with AEF for the American Expeditionary Force. In Great Aunt Kathryn’s family history, she wrote that there were some questions about the loyalty of this family because of their German heritage and because their Evangelical Methodist preacher father did not support American’s entry into the war – WW I or any war. But, my great uncles who were 4th generation Americans.

Of all Grammy’s siblings who reached adulthood (9), Charles is the only one whom I did not have the pleasure of meeting. He was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles in 1926, six months before his son Charles was born. We took a family trip to California and visited with his son, a California trooper, and his family about 1957. I recall a picture (somewhere in Daddy’s many drawers of slides) of my brother on a seemingly giant motorcycle. I also remember that this family lived next door to the young man who played Rusty on the TV show Rin Tin Tin – now that’s a REALLY important fact to remember! Sheesh!

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