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Project - creative gene

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Such a beautiful non-photo page and I loved reading the story.

This is awesome! You rock the no photo layouts. Such a wonderful way to remember your grandmother - and to make sure that her story is passed on to future generations.

great journaling and yes, I agree, Emily gives you lots of bang for your buck in her kits.

lovely! i admire your non-photo pages!

oh mindy!! i love this!! beautiful!

What a great memory!

Project - creative gene
About this project

Project - creative gene
by Mindy Hanson
posted 04/15/11 at 07:35 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Polka Dot Pixels knows how to pack elements in to a kit let me tell ya. This one, Stitch in time is loaded with favourites I'll use over and over.

I've also used this really cool alpha by Holly McCraig.

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“I remember watching Grammy Steeves make beautiful quilts. Masterpieces really. She was very well known for her tiny and accurate stitches as well as her original designs. One year she was commissioned by the then Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick to make a beautiful quilt. Pretty sweet accolades for a simple country lady. Not only did she make wonderful quilts but she was also a skilled seamstress. In 1984, New Brunswick celebrated it’s 200th birthday. She must have made 100 custom ordered pioneer outfits for those wanting to celebrate. The generation that followed her consists of talented seamstresses and creative minds in general. I like to consider myself as having inherited her creative gene and I know for certain my children have. The oldest is an amazing sketch artist for her age and no training. She has learned on her own shading and her creations always amaze me. The youngest is a passionate writer with an amazing imagination at the young age of 8. I hope that my children will continue to grow their creativity. And that their children too will know the joy of an active and creative mind. Thank you Grammy Steeves.”
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