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Project - My scrapbook room!!! Done finally =)



Love the space for companion scrapper if needed. Really great room.

I love this room! I have spent hours looking at everyone's rooms to help me with my own. I was wondering how you built the base??
Great job!!

where did you get your desk and hutch?????? your room is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the beautiful chocolate and pink combination in your room! Very pretty! Would love to hear more about how you made the island out of the cubes!


You're room is absolutely amazing! Everytime I get excited about getting my scraproom together, I get totally overwhelmed! AWESOME!!

What I find most inspiring about your room is the DIY aspect. I'm impressed that you built your own island, and I can see several touches that you did yourself instead of ordering expensive items, and they look fantastic. If you get a chance, would you share how you made your ribbon storage? TFS

Project - My scrapbook room!!! Done finally =)
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Project - My scrapbook room!!! Done finally =)
by Susanstwins
posted 04/14/07 at 09:07 AM
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I can't believe it's finally done.The only thing left is to get a few things on my bulletin boards. I really lucked out because we moved last summer and this room in the basement already had the cabinets in the corner, so I didn't add those. (just everything else!) I put a tv where their microwave was and my paper racks where the fridge was, they fit perfectly. I've been collecting the cubes from J's for the last few years everytime I had a coupon. I originally had them against the wall, but then decided I'd really like the Expedit so had an idea to take them apart and make an island. I built the bases (thanks to another pea's idea) and ordered the countertop from Home Depot. Did the same for the white desk. I just love it, thanks for looking!!(sorry about the double pic, couldn't figure out how to get it out)

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