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Project - Themed Projects : Bits of Us Album

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Project - Themed Projects : Bits of Us Album
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Project - Themed Projects : Bits of Us Album
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 09/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I have loved making this album! Having three daughters is fun and it's such a ride seeing who they end up looking like. Me or my husband, each other… Don't compare don't compare…but this is comparing in a fun way! Smiles, belly buttons, moles, hands and eyes. And there are many more things to be added to this album!!!
My printer isn't playing nicely lately so the cover colors are very different to the digital version. I printed the cover out onto paper and then added a few more embellishments. It was glued onto cardboard and two posts were added to join the album together. Hybrid is always fun. However, the pages that follow were all digitally created.
Hope you enjoy!
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