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Project - Themed Projects : wedding album

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Project - Themed Projects : wedding album
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Project - Themed Projects : wedding album
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 02/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Bring out the paints and colored pencils! And all your other random stuff!!! One of my dear friends got married and instead of buying her a platter which I knew she would just end up breaking I made her an arty Chelsea album which will hopefully last longer than a platter!
I did so many different things on each page ranging from printing out digital frames on transparency paper and image transferring them onto the page, colouring in and around frames, using a dot mask to put green paint on, applying rub ons, stamping journal frames and sticking on sticker labels. And always sandpaper on the edges…
Funnest of all for me was painting the cover of the Maya Road 6 x 6 album! Brown paint, cream paint, sandpaper, painting a Love Elsie frame, more sanding, gaffer tape on the edge, a gorgeous flourish… mmm, yummy!
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