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Project - Themed Projects : A year of Hattie

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Project - Themed Projects : A year of Hattie
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Project - Themed Projects : A year of Hattie
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 06/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>I have this little middle child called Hattie.&nbsp;&nbsp;She is small and very funny and sometimes very naughty. &nbsp;So I am going to try harder to do things with her because when I do she aint so naughty! &nbsp;Funny that hey!</p>
<p>If you havent seen this Maya Road Clear Acrylic Album and Erica Hernandez' Digital Calendar Template that you can get to go with it… YOU&nbsp;MUST!</p>
<p>It was super duper easy to do in Photoshop, just dragging photos and back ground papers into place and then printing out. &nbsp;Glueing onto the chipboard, a bit of sanding around the edge and re popping the holes, and putting it all together. &nbsp;</p>
<p>And there I have one little calendar to go right next to my oven where I will be reminded every day to tell her I love her, do her hair, let her do mine, let her be an artist, don't be so hard on her…. that kinda thing!</p>
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