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Project - Themed Projects : Our Circle Journal


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Project - Themed Projects : Our Circle Journal
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Project - Themed Projects : Our Circle Journal
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 06/15/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>My sister in law Sarah and I have this cool circle journal that we send back and forth to each other. &nbsp;It's a &nbsp;great way for us to share our creativeness with each other, to inspire each other and to learn more about each other. &nbsp;A way to become closer. &nbsp;It's so fun to get it back after a few weeks or a month to see what the other person has done. &nbsp;I also have fun trying to think of layouts to do on a circle page! &nbsp;Circles haven't been in my scrapbooking history very often but it is FUN! &nbsp;The album is a &nbsp;really old Love Elsie football chipboard album but it would be so easy to cut out whatever shape you want out of cardboard and just have card inside. &nbsp;Once you add photos and paper and all the juicy embellishments it soon chunks up!</p>
<p>I think we will love holding and looking at this solid, thick, scrummy journal when we are old!</p>
<p>When creating a page I first pick a photo/or photos and that dictates what embellies I'm going to use. &nbsp;Hambly overlays and Bam Pop frames are my favourite, Sarah uses lots of thickers letters! &nbsp;There are no guidelines as to what we do… we just go for it!</p>
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