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Resource - Articles : Acrylic Stamps

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Resource - Articles : Acrylic Stamps
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Resource - Articles : Acrylic Stamps
by Chelsea Parsons
posted 11/15/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Clear Acrylic Stamps are like me addictive!... But they last a whole lot longer than shoes, and I can't stop buying a new set every month!

Some days I find myself sitting at my card table that I scrapbook on and look over, spot the basket of stamps, and forget what an amazing resource I have there. But what the heck can I do with them apart from just stamp them blindly on a LO???? Let's see if we can give you a little inspiration!

If you have ever bought a Bam Pop stamp, and if your are like me, you will drool over the way the sample page for the stamp has cool color behind it. So before you stamp, smudge down a different color to give it some oomph....

Try stamping on something other than your cardstock.... journaling labels, old bits of cereal boxes, transparencies, fabric, buttons, or magazine pictures.

Stamp with paint, stamp with bleach, stamp with ink onto wet paper, cut out your stamped images, stamp images and then scan them and play with them in Photoshop to create a cool personal paper... your options are endless...

Here's a few ideas from the Garden Girls to get you trying something new with them.

Emily Falconbridge has a way of bringing colors together so well in her layouts. I always love her "arty" touch. Here she used colored pencils to color in the border of the stamped frames. Love the way the colors all pull together and work! And I love the little grouping of four journal stamps.

In Emily's second LO she wiped different colored paint over the stamp and stamped all over her page. Once it was almost dry she wiped the whole thing with a baby wipe to soften and blend the stamping.

Shannon Tidwell does what I never thought of. She used the simple acrylic stamp journal lines to create a whole block of lines right down the page. As well as creating a spot to journal in, she created a pattern. Such a cool effect that I know I'm going to try soon.

I did this LO and chose a photo with lots of black on the edge. Then with all my packs of Rhonna Farrer swirls I went nuts! I placed a piece of cardstock over my photo so as not to get ink on it and just stamped and stamped till the blackness all built up off the edge of the photo. I also used the scrap of cardstock below the photo that was on the photo while stamping because I loved the little piece of art it created!

Keisha Campbell loves to stamp! If you check out her Gallery you will see stamping on loads of LO's. She adds simple stamping touches here and there but her secret for success is to use a soft shade of ink. In this LO she stamps onto diecuts and onto plain chipboard. Why wait for paint to dry when you can simply stamp on chipboard!!!

Now Jennifer McGuire is going to make you cringe!!! She cuts up her acrylic stamps! YES! You know when you get a set and the phrases just dont quite work.... no worries, just cut 'em up and re-arrange them! Her stamped cards are gorgeous. Simply a picture with her "rearranged" words underneath colored in and a little glitter added here and there. She also gives you a great trick when putting a group of stamps do you get them straight, and not have them move around. Click on her photo to take you to her trick!
Her LO uses stamps by creating a title by placing letters on an acrylic block and then stamping the title as many times as you want! She stamped repeatedly on the background and also stamped and cut it out from green cardstock.

Check out Tia Bennett's embellishment. This girl comes up with some amazing stuff. She filled the centers of the stamp with kindyglitz and made it into an embellishment. She then just stuck it on the window and wallah!.....just like one of those suncatchers in the kiddy crafts section but more sparkly.

Maria Grace Abuzman loves acrylic stamps because you can immediately see their placement. And with being able to see where you are stamping you can then purposely do shadowing and double stamping of an image. Not just have it happen by accident!!!

So go on, dust off the acrylic stamps you have stashed away, and try some of these ideas.

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