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Project - Wake Up Tinkerbell


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Could you explain "waking up Tinkerbell"? I've only been to WDW once. Thank you!

Project - Wake Up Tinkerbell
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Project - Wake Up Tinkerbell
by Shutterbuggin
posted 03/24/06 at 11:36 AM
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I need to add the journaling on the side but I need time to get my words together
because it was truly a magical moment. It took two times but my daughter finally got to wake Tinkerbell up. That was the ONE thing she wanted to do while we were there. I was so afraid she wouldn't be able to. The first day we tried was an extra morning hour and we were still too late. The second time we were first at the shop. It was pouring rain. We about never got my daughter to wake up that morning but we persisted because we knew we had to be there first or she would leave very disappointed. when it came time to wake Tink up she didn't wake up. We were all laughing and saying she was a sleepy
head like my daughter. It took 3 times of going through the routine before she finally woke up. It was truly a magical, momentous occasion for my daughter and us. I'm so happy her dream came true.

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