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Project - Themed Projects : early out


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Project - Themed Projects : early out
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Project - Themed Projects : early out
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 12/15/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>Complementary Color Scheme: Purple and Yellow.&nbsp; Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel.&nbsp; Red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.&nbsp; They are said to be &quot;complementary to each other&quot; hence the name, I'm sure.&nbsp; <img alt=“” src=“/tpjs/fck/25/editor/images/smiley/msn/wink_smile.gif” />&nbsp;</p>
<p>I found out one thing when challenging myself to do this color combo…I don't own much purple and yellow!&nbsp; LOL.&nbsp; They happen to be the school colors where I teach, but yet, I still am not drawn to them, i guess.&nbsp; I loved this yellow Bazzill dots cardstock, so I made it the foundation of my layout, and then searched for purple products in my stash.&nbsp; I decided that staying in the right shade of purple would be too hard, so I just went for it and grabbed several different shades of purple.&nbsp; Violet, Magenta, and even lavendar with pink dots!&nbsp;</p>
<p>I took this photo one afternoon when we had an early out from school.&nbsp; I came home to find my camera on the kitchen island and just decided to have an impromptu shoot with the remote!&nbsp; LOL!&nbsp; Silly pictures, yes, but it was fun!</p>
<p><b>Journaling:</b><br />
<i>I bet my students would LOL if they knew this is what I do when we get an early out! self portrait shoot. </i></p>
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