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Project - cuteNESS



I've looked through a lot of your layout and I've completely fallen in love with sweet little Henry. Terriers have so much personality, haven't they?
Hugs from a fellow terrier parent, Christina (and cairn Kayleigh)

Beautiful layout and super cute dog! I love how you incorporated stamping into your page and there are so many intricate patterns throughout :)

I love this layout - beautiful colors and I like how you layered all the papers. Little Henry is so precious!! He's even smiling at you!

OMG --- one of the all time cutest los ever !!!!!!!!!!

Great layout! I like the colors and the way you used the stamp.

Project - cuteNESS
About this project

Project - cuteNESS
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 10/11/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I just loved this picture from the very moment I took it :) Sweet Henry just chillin out with his new red shirt on. He had out grown his blue one, so I searched for days online looking for another just like it. I finally found one on eBay and put it on him as soon as it arrived in the mail :)

I really wanted to highlight the reds and blues in the picture, and also get some use out of papers that didn't exactly match well together. I decided to make a border of the papers after punching out squares from each. The rest was pretty simple by just adding small embellishments.

Thanks for looking!
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