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Project - so very THANKFUL



Love it !!

This looks fabulous!

Very pretty! I like all the pastels w/ the brown accents

Project - so very THANKFUL
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Project - so very THANKFUL
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 12/13/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This Thanksgiving season has given me an overwhelming feel of gratitude for my girl friends. I've never had a lot of close girl friends, but the past year has brought me four. I just feel so blessed to have each one of these beautiful women in my life. We are all so different and lead different careers, families, hobbies, but we all share commonalities that bring us together. And I love that. A friend who knows me better than anyone in the world (my sister!). A friend from high school and college that I've always known, but somehow our paths are coming together and forming a beautiful relationship. A friend who is so loyal and knowledgeable, and wise and always has great advice and a lends a great ear to listen. A friend who always reminds me to speak up! This girl is has charisma and is always fun, but also a great listener and shoulder to lean on. And a friend who shares many of the same hobbies as I do…and actually lives in the same town :) she scrapbooks, sews, quilts, and pretty much loves Martha Stewart as much as I do!!!

I did not write that whole spiel on the actual layout, but instead printed it and adhered it to the back side of the layout.

This layout came to me after a long dry spell of non-creativity. I just walked into my room, and started pulling product. Mindless of what “went” together, or matched, or was old or new - and it just CAME together. I love when that happens :) Sometimes when I take the “thinking” out of scrapooking, it just flows so much better! I am thankful for that, too :D

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