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Project - R@ndom



Love this! Did the chair come from those AC stickers? I don't see it on the packaging? Is there more than one sheet? TIA

Now aren't you the clever one?? Genius...and that man...I'm in awe!!! Love love love your mix of product!!! Always a huge fan to see what's next!

Love this.....and your designs. Thanks for the inspiration.

this made me smile.
I too have random thickers that fall out of packages and get stuck to random things in my workspace. i usually leave them stuck to whatever they are attached to as a reminder of that moment of discovery, until i get fed up with how messy it looks. and then throw them all away. and then it starts all over again.

I love, love, love this!! What a clever design. :)

Project - R@ndom
About this project

Project - R@ndom
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 02/21/11
Galleries: Scraprooms

This layout is my ode to my left over alphabet Thickers. You know, the one's that fall out of the package, or get misplaced and loose their home. I have been saving them all in a pile for a while now, so I decided to finally give them a new home on a layout!

The guys face just sort of came about from just moving the letters and typos around trying to make words up. And from there, the idea of of the random letters exploding out of the guy's head just seemed to work for me. :)
Journaling just talks about how I am a saver. a collector. of memories, of photos, and of scrapbook supplies. And for good reason - like this layout ;)

Thanks for looking!
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