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Project - twenty-9


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Project - twenty-9
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Project - twenty-9
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 04/04/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout was inspired by all the wonderful (but different!) mix of pattern papers that were sitting out on my desk. Papers that I normally would not have thought twice to put together…so I challenged myself! “Make it work!” I said to myself :)
And so, this layout came together! I used large chunks of each of the pp's so that one would not over crowd the others, and I also kept it a bit more playful by not using super straight lines…which is a HUGE challenge for me! LOL! I forced myself to play and experiment and put my t-square away - and I like the results! Not my typical style or even my “comfort zone” but I really enjoyed creating this layout about my 29th birthday.
I snapped closeups so you can see that I stamped the bkground pp with many different stamps that have been on my desk for awhile unused. I stamped them with a pearlish brown color so they would not overtake the rest of the layout.

The journaling is from my blog that I wrote on my 29th birthday - I just randomly jotted parts of it down where I saw fit :)
Thanks so much for looking! And maybe try challenging yourself to create something out of your comfort zone ;)
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