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Project - A Colorful Christmas: Packaging with Color!


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Project - A Colorful Christmas: Packaging with Color!
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Project - A Colorful Christmas: Packaging with Color!
by RebeccaLeighann
posted 12/14/11
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I created Christmas Packaging with a color scheme of red, turquoise, white, and silver. I was inspired when I noticed Martha Stewart's collection of Christmas tree decor at Home Depot. Since I could not afford to completely redecorate my Christmas decor, I decided to use the color scheme under the tree on my packages.
Here are some quick steps to create the tag, bow, and rub-on tag.

1. Use a scrap strip of cardstock to temporarily adhere your chipboard to.
2. Cover the entire piece of chipboard with Mod Podge (or your desired liquid adhesive). Be sure to cover edges!
3. Quickly sprinkle the chipboard with glitter - even the edges.
4. Allow a few minutes to dry.
5. Check for any spots that the glitter did not adhere to. Repeat step two if so.
6. Gently remove the chipboard from the scratch strip of paper, use on your project.

The Bow:
1. Cut five strips of .75 inch from 12X12 double-sided patterned paper.
2. Find the center of the first strip, and put a inch of adhesive in the middle of the strip.
3. Gently fold each end of the strip into the center (do not crease the folds), laying the edges of the strip on the adhesive.
4. Add adhesive to the back of 2nd strip. Lay the second strip down onto the first one you folded so that they adhere together.
5. Add adhesive to the middle of the 2nd strip, and repeat step 3.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have used all of your strips.
7. Embellish the middle of the bow with chipboard, cardstock circles, etc.

A variation could be to use a border punch or decorative scissors to trim the edges of your strips before you begin creating.

Rub-on Tag:
1. Adhere your rub-on to a pattern paper
2. Carefully trim around your rub-on, using the outline for the edge.
3. Punch a hole in the top area of your rub-on tag.
4. String bakers twine through the punched hole,
5. String a name tag and an ornament onto the bakers twine for added embellishment.

This rub-on tag is a great and perfect size for a smaller package like perfume or a watch!

Thanks so much for looking (and watching!) :)
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