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Project - Updated Scrapbook room aka



I am so jealous of this room! It's beautiful!! Gorgeous and functional. Love it!

The wall color is Hapsack by Sherwin Williams.

Beautiful Rooom, What are the names of the paint colors you used. I have been looking for the same colors... Thank you

We had the cabinets custom made. They were suppose to be just a regular black finish. When they arrived to be installed our cabinet guy had made them a distressed black, at first I thought about having him redo them but then decided not to and boy am I glad. they don't show any wear and tear!! I love them!


I love this room! I have been looking for a room with dark cabinets and this is beautiful! Tell me more about the cabinets---- where did you find them in black? Or did you stain them??? Thanks so much!


Project - Updated Scrapbook room aka
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Project - Updated Scrapbook room aka
posted 07/10/08 at 11:39 AM
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We added on in Nov 2007 and I got the studio of my dreams and then some. You can look in my Gallery to see photos of my tv room and 1/2 bath that are attached to my studio.

The actual studio serves 3 purposes on the right is my sewing area, on the left is my sb area and then on one end is my desk for both home and my small home based business (I make competition suits for Female Figure and Fitness competitors and Female Bodybuilders.

I hope you enjoy looking at my space.

I will try and discribe the photos:
1. entrance into the work side of my studio
2. view from opposite wall
3. SB side- my bling drawer (I LOVE bling)
4. SB side- almost empty drawer that stores my ATG Gun
5. SB side- drawer in island that I store my stamp pads
6. SB side- drawer that holds my cutting tools
7. SB side- drawer that holds frequently used tools
8. SB side- Our cabinet man built shelves into the end of the counter to hold my 12x12 paper (worked out cool that his daughter is a sber so he “got it”). The way it was originally designed my papers were horizontal. I decided I like them better verticle so I removed all but one shelf and put my cs in verticle and had room on the shelf to add my cricut and a few other items.
9. SB side- shelf on top of counter that dh and I made that holds my 8.5 x 11 cs and then I have small embellies in the making memories embellishment box (i.e. brads, eyelets, etc).
10. Wire rolling basket holds pp by brand (about to reorganize I don't like that system), the cropper hopper has kits in it. I have scraps in verticle storage boxes inside the wire basket. For now I have a lot of my photos in the cropper hopper photo box but I am reading Stacy's book LOM so I plan to reorganize them as well.
11.SB side- wall left of my closet door. On the shelves I have my collection of vintage cameras. The PB postcard carousel was a bday gift from my Mom…I look at it and drooled over it FOREVER!
12.SB side- another view of the sb side of the room
13. another view of the island. One thing I love is the island has a drawer and a cabinet on each side. I have things in both drawers but the cabinets are still empty. It is so liberating having so many empty drawers, cabinets and just plain space.
14. Sewing side- drawer inside island
15. Sewing side- view of my sewing counter
16. Sewing side- wall to the right of the closet door. Here you will see dress form/corset and J collection
17. View of my window bench which is at the top of the stairs entering the studio. The bench has a shelf on both ends w/a lift up storage box in the center. I still need to make cushions for the seat part.
18. One of the shelves on the window seat. I use these shelves for storing booking, idea books and my finished scrapbooks.
19. inside closet door. I borrowed the dressform/ribbon holder idea from Donna Downey
20. Entrance to walk in closet in the working side of my studio. This is where I store most of my supplies.

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