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Project - The Homecoming


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Project - The Homecoming
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Project - The Homecoming
by cm_stephenson
posted 12/10/12 at 01:09 PM
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Two litter brothers travel together to their new homes … by train. They got a lot of attention, including a gentleman asking to take their photos (we described their journey as being a visit to Hollywoof!)

They are Pointerdors (GSP dog cross with Labrador bitch) and of a litter of four Ollie is going to be a much loved pet, Dicey will be a much loved pet but if he has aptitude I will work him too. Jasper will be coming to this neck of the woods too as a working dog and truffle (the only bitch) will be staying put until the spring with the expectation of finding an experienced working home for her.

Ollie and Dicey have very different personalities but they seemed to really enjoy each other's company on this journey and they were so well behaved for just 9 weeks old.

Materials used: photographs all copyright of the originator. Papers, embellishments and masks all from Publiscrap kits (creators: Clara; Timounette, Pitiscrap)

* note to the critics of ‘designer dogs’ these are not designer dogs; the cross produces the best of both temperaments for work and is very popular. I don't work my GSP because he is too strong-headed in the field; this little chap is totally different in character.

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