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Project - At the Beach - Mommy 1971

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Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! WOW These pps are beautiful, great design.

That is awesome, what a great page.

Great job layering here.

That's an amazing memory to capture. I feel the same way when we go down to the family beach house (where I was on my mini break) I love seeing my kids play where I played and where MY MOM played as a little girl! History is so important.

How awesome that you visited the beach as a child that you take your kids to now and even better that you have a photo to scrap to prove it. Great use of embellies and like the layers. You'll have to do a photo of the girls the same way.


I love those papers and am hoarding some myself. Great layout. love the layered bits of circles and the banner tilted.

Project - At the Beach - Mommy 1971
About this project

Project - At the Beach - Mommy 1971
by bluna
posted 10/11/12 at 11:42 AM
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October 2012 CG Stash Challenge

I didn't use ‘fall’ things from nature. Around here (Santa Cruz, CA) we are surrounded by the beach so I used things from prodigious stash of beach-related things. That is a real (albeit tiny) star fish and real sea shells.

The best thing about this page is that this beach is place I take my girls to all the time. The wharf in the background is big part of our daily lives…and that is ME (about 3 years old) sitting on the beach, visiting Santa Cruz! It would have been a very big adventure to visit Santa Cruz for me at that age…and now I live here and raise my daughters here. I love that I have this photo of me in the place I now call home!

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