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13  Comments - Josh & Brittany's wedding

these are just the yellow, makes for Happiness to come.

These are beautiful! Well done. These are going to be treasured by the bride and groom!

Wow! These must have taken ages! They look awesome. Letterpress looks amazing but also complicated, but you have it waxed.

Absolutely beautiful! I'm sure they will love it. The damask paper is gorgeous. Love the embossing on the return card.

Beautiful, they are lucky to have you for a cousin.

Oh, this is lovely! Wish I could have had you do our invitations!


Oh my, this is gorgeous. TFS

Oh my, this is gorgeous. TFS

Gorgeous Barbara!!

These are beautiful!

Came out wonderfully I'm sure they'll be delighted. Might want to rescan it though and remove the actual address from what you posted online.


these came out very nice. Makes me think I could enjoy having a cricut. SO sweet of you to do the cards.

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