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Project - Where I Create - scraproom pics

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Wow! I sure would love to play in your scraproom. LOL! TFS!

That's not a scraproom, it's a scrapwarehouse! It's like the Hyper Mart of all scraprooms! You have more stuff than the scrapstore I regular.

WOW! I'm sooo jealous!! Since you posted your scraproom you should check out my blog

I love your room and the shelf/cabinet in pic #3, too bad Ikea retired those!




wow!! envy you!
you have many stuff in your room!!

Project - Where I Create - scraproom pics
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Project - Where I Create - scraproom pics
by inkyheart
posted 04/29/08 at 08:56 AM
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Lots of IKEA and although it's crowded, at least I know where everything is.

Page 1-an overview. Vika glasstop counterheight table. It was cleared off for the HGTV shoot here, but usually has my ScrapRack and a spinning ink tower on it to the side.

Page 2- fold down workspaces for my to scrap with DD. I have two little barstools for them too.

Page 3- My best find ever, and I wish I could tell you where to get them, but IKEA retired the line. They are IKEA Kampe and they have garage door type doors, that pull up and push in so they are out of the way. Upper left is a kitchen cabinet base that I used as a bookshelf. These are bolted into the wall studs and placed on low plinth tables where I store my scraps by color, underneath.

Page 4 - IKEA Varde kitchen island with the big drawers underneath. My punces, trimmers, rulers and die cut machine are stored underneath. On top, IKEA DVD shelving where I keep all my stamps. To the right, tilt-bins for bulky metal and large embellishments. And lastly, two cardstock towers that I purchased from a store that was sadly, going out of business.

Page 5- Iris Project boxes for scraps underneath the plinth tables.

Page 2-

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