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Project - From Crown Prince to Court Jester



Wonderful journaling and page!!

I like this just the way it is!!! Nice job, great journaling!!!

BOSED! Haven't even read the jouirnaling yet and already I love it! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

great journaling!

Awwww...this is adorable! Great journaling=love the clean design and I so &quot;get&quot; this! We have 2 dogs that we had before our boys.

Project - From Crown Prince to Court Jester
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Project - From Crown Prince to Court Jester
posted 09/17/05 at 12:45 AM
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A LO of my Emma w/my first “baby” Bailey. Looking at this now, I feel as if I should have put the photo on top and the journaling on the bottom. Is this too top heavy?
The journaling reads:
My poor handsome boy. One day you were royalty, the next day your throne was usurped by a squalling, occasionally stinky, raspberry- blowing baby girl. Your life has been affected just as much as ours has. However, while we love the new addition to our family, you still haven’t quite made up your mind. I feel for you, Bai. I know things probably seem a little confusing. After all, you have always had free reign of the house. Now, suddenly there are rooms you can’t even enter. Once you were praised for barking at strangers; now you’re rudely shushed because the baby’s napping. You were always invited along for the ride whenever we went out. Now, you’re usually left behind and when you do come along, you can no longer sit in the backseat. Once any toy in the house was fair game, now you’re scolded for going near some stuffed bunnies and bears. People used to give you’ a good 10 minute introductory hello-rubdown when they visited. Now, they barely even acknowledge you with a pat before rushing over to the baby. It’s rough, Bai. I know. But while a part of you may certainly resent her, Emma appears to love you. Her eyes follow you everywhere and she always laughs so gleefully once you’re near. She finds you fascinating and everything you do amuses her. Poor sweet Bailey, you went from crown prince to court jester with no warning at all. Give it time, handsome. Who knows, Bailey, one day you may actually begin to like her.

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