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9  Comments - Fried Turkey ***CG 2012***

I'm impressed, the recipe is so pretty, but I'm impressed because you are BRAVE to cook a turkey like this!

this is so pretty~


Beautiful page, that turkey looks yummy.

oh, that looks yummy! I think I should eat some breakfast because you have made my stomack grumble, lol. Great LO

That looks amazing though very preparation intensive.

Beautiful page. I've never had the nerve to fry a turkey. We've had a few fires around here with people having too much oil. I'll bet this tastes wonderful.

soooo cute. love the papers. and sounds yum!

sounds delicious for sure! love the dark fall colors

wow that sounds complex and a bit dangerous, if I were doing it, but that turkey looks mighty good. My brother down in Texas does this but I still roast in the oven.

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