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how fun is this...great pics!

Great color combo!

fun times, glad you were able to get some photos, Jeremy would have killed me!


It's so nice to have these photos as well a the posed ones. Looks like they had a ball.

I really like how you layered things to make it look dimensional. I also love the dotted trail of the heart. The only thing I don't like is the title! I'm going to be singing that for days until it goes away. Ha! Great job Diana!

Great job on this Diana! The layered photos are very cool.

I love how you were able to highlight them in that photo even with all the other grads around them. Great LO

fun photos! love the purple and yellow

Great photos, Diana. Did you actually go to the dance to take these, or are they taken by friends? My kids would have had a fit if I showed up at their dances! Lovely layout.

Beautiful. Love the purple and yellow. TFS

I like the mask on the idea

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