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Project - memories of nana and grandpa's house JC #54



when you visit your grandmother this summer? does that mean you are coming to Utah? This is fabulous. You are doing certainly mastering the mini album.

Em, you rocked this paper, the vision that you had for this book was brillant!

this is wonderful! I LOVE it!

em, this is perfect! what a wonderful idea to record this and i love the papers, and memories.

this is such a solid little booklet. it was worth the work that went into it. I love the list of memories.

This is fantastic. How wonderful that you have so many memories all written down. This is WAYYYYYYYYYYY cool!

Project - memories of nana and grandpa's house JC #54
About this project

Project - memories of nana and grandpa's house JC #54
by mlepea
posted 03/04/08 at 08:09 AM
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i was supposed to do something with this paper for my lss dt. it reminded me of my grandparents' house, the big tv, the flowers, the coffee cup. but when i started thinking design, i knew i'd have too much to write so the idea of a mini started growing. but i don't have a lot of pictures of the house, exterior or interior. then i thought about the journaling challenge to fill a shape and i knew i could totally fill up a few with just things i remember. so i pulled out my shaped mini i got from my studio calico kit and started this. when i go to visit my grandmother this summer, i'll take pictures and add them, but now i've got a guide to my picture taking. and i can think of more things to add to the journaling too. it was late when i finished this.<BR><BR>album is basic grey, paper is luxe, cardstock is prism, colored pencils are sanford, glitter is doodlebug. THANKS FOR LOOKING!

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