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Project - Frog World *CG 2012*



Love this! What great imaginative boys you have. Who knows, they may all end up as conservationists. Love the explanation and all the little froggies. That street sign is so pretty. I'm jealous of your Sil.

What a fun idea and how cool with this be for them to have this story when they are grown! Love it!!!


Love, love, love that you captured the conversation. Those are the details we want to remember! Great layout- the matting, accents, all of it just perfect

I love it! Great way to capture this memory.

Hilarious! and so creative. Personally I think you should have titled it "...if the frog business doesn't work out..." I think Ruan has the most challenging of the 3 DOES one go about training a frog? Are they trainable? A side note: I never realized all your guys have 4 letter names too like mine do.

Could it get any better than this! Love that you did up the story so seriously and business like.

Project - Frog World *CG 2012*
About this project

Project - Frog World *CG 2012*
by Michelle Mostert
posted 09/18/12 at 03:19 AM
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This is for the CG sketch challenge.

I used some ancient Cloud 9 frog pp (with boys I knew I'd use it sometime,lol) and MME On the Bright Side.

The story is about my 3 boys deciding they are going to have a frog shop/conservation project when they are grown-ups and have planned each one's role in the business. Just had to capture this story!

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