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Michelle, GREAT layout. I haven't done much 2 page scrapping lately, but I love how you were able to make the pages look as if there was no break between them. I've never ever heard of that Gelli stuff. Cool!

I'm going to have to find some of that fun stuff1 Cute layout, great colors and the kid look like they're having a blast.


That looks like fun. Sadly, my kids are way past this :(. Nice job with the color wheel, too.

Love that you used the color wheel and came up with this great combo.
I love teal and pink together :)

how fun is this...wish they had it when my kids were little, they would have loved this! You did a super job with it. Adorable pages.

very interesting, looks like a lot of fun.

Love the bubbles. Cute pictures, that stuff look like a lot of fun.

I'll have to look that stuff up. The girls would love it. Nice job toning down the pink. Love the fish and the "wave" border.

My son want that stuff very bad!!!
LOVE your layout!!!!!

Looks like lots of fun! I really like the bubbles!

Great job with the colors--the turquoise really offsets the pink nicely.

don't think we have "gelli baff" here...but what a fun idea. Nice choice of blue to tone down all that pink.

never heard of gelli baff?? looks like fun though!! love the fish/water border

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